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Dictionary Dressings by Femke de Vries
Re-reading clothing definitions towards alternative fashion perspectives

February 17 – April 21, 2017

Dictionary definitions are constructed to be factual and rational and as a consequence the entries for items of clothing show no reference to the ephemeral or immaterial character of fashion. They describe the characteristics of the items, their use and their relation to the body but never mention fashion or style. Take the Dutch definition of a glove for example: “Handschoen: bekleding van de hand” (literally translated to English as Glove: covering of the hand).

This new perspective opens up an inclusive playfield in fashion where hybrid, fluid ways of reading, seeing, defining and making are facilitated. Overlapping and interlinking theory with practice, it pushes beyond trends and accepted social and design codes offering an approach that contributes to the broader cultural discourse of fashion.

Opening hours Dictionary Dressings:
Wednesday – Saturday 12.00 – 17.00 hrs
and by appointment +31(0)503138260
Dictionary Dressings Workspace @ the 24/7/365 DISPLAY
Closed during school holidays

With special thanks to Kunstraad Groningen, Creative Industries Funds NL, Gemeente Groningen, Mamamini and Zijlstra Naaimachines.


what is bur0 Gr0ningen:
bur0 Gr0ningen is the white cube art space of NP3. bG is an international layer for contemporary art with fluid transformations and interactions in the context of Groningen.
bur0 Gr0ningen is a new evolving and fluid concept. The transformations and interactions consists of adding and/or removing works of various artists, disciplines, duration and models. Each change is defined by a code, starting with bG001.

Hofstraat 21, 9712 JA Groningen, The Netherlands
Thursday + Friday 12:00 – 17:00 hrs
and by appointment: +31(0)503138260
DISplay: 24/7/365

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