Alex Myers – Nothing of This is Ours

Exhibition: May 14 until June 14, 2014
Location: M0Bi and eMMa

 – Surreal Worlds of Alex Myers –

Especially for the NP3 locations M0Bi and eMMa, the American artist and game developer Alex Myers developed two new art games. NP3 met Alex during his master’s study at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen, where he graduated cum laude as Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in 2009. At that time NP3 and Alex collaborated for the first time in the impressive K’NEX-exhibitions ‘And the dreams so rich with color’ and his first interactive game ‘Winning’.

Since his graduation Alex has specialized further in the medium of games and game developing. He is assistant Professor and Program Director of the Game Studies to the Bellevue University and is Tutor of the Kent Bellows Studio and Center for Visual Arts. Starting this summer, he will become Professor of Interaction Design of Creighton University.

M0Bi – Nothing of This is Ours
With his strong signature, and his recognizable visual and digital language, Alex creates infinite, surrealistic worlds with colorful creatures, alchemistic symbols, buddhas and other worldly cultural heritages. In the multiplayer installation ‘Nothing of This is Ours’, visitors can immerse themself in the mystic landscapes, graphic patterns and polygon characters. A journey without a destination, exploring with pure instinct. Alex offers the visitors a closer look at the artistic, innovative possibilities of the art game. The game as a contemporary medium, where the newest technique and art come together and enrich the one who takes the time to play the game. Alex invites the visitor to play in M0Bi, individually or collectively, experienced and inexperienced!

eMMa – interactive art game in public space: HICCUP
Since 2013, the Rem Koolhaas Video Busstop at the Emmaplein is an interactive media station. The interactive equipment such as multi-touch technology and sound engineering provides space for artists to let visitors participate in their interactive artworks in the public space. Alex Myers developed specifically for the 24/7/365 accessible Video Busstop the new interactive art game ‘HICCUP.

Plattegrond NoTiO_DEF
exhibition floor plan of M0Bi
Photo: Jan Tengbergen