House of Sloth

‘House of Sloth’, Jurjen Galema 2023
DISplay window exhibition space 24/7 visible from the outside

Welcome to ‘House of Sloth’, an immersive exploration of the sin of sloth. This exhibition invites you into a world of leisure, indolence, and dreams, free from judgment.

At its center stands a colossal pink elephant, a surreal dream creature crafted entirely from textiles, inhabiting both our reality and the world of dreams. Adorning the elephant are lounging sloths, emblematic of the art of idleness and relaxation.‘House of Sloth’ challenges conventional perceptions of sloth, encouraging you to discover its hidden virtues. As you wander through this dreamlike textile landscape, embrace the beauty of taking things slow, find solace in slumber, and explore the tranquil aspects of a leisurely existence. It challenges you to reevaluate the sin, uncovering the grace within it and fostering a deeper understanding of the complex tapestry of human experience.