In the steep hollows of being

[Title: In the steep hollows of being, a shape-shifting reality] by Chrissy Stavrou

May 25 – July 23, 2021

RE:Sidency @ RE:Search:Gallery in the 24/7 window exhibition space DISplay, the process and the result are only visible from the St. Walburgstraat

Chrissy Stavrou:

This is a work expanding ‘the moment’, within the human mind.

Language is a construct, a network, a frame characterizing the human. A being with an internal and external world. Where the effect and the affect displace, and intern converge toward the amalgamation of self. Language is a structured method of communication. Where assigned sets of attributes form a multitude of impressions. Initiating form, toward perception. In liaison a painting. A layering of gesture, enticing form, toward perception.

The human navigates the external, through the taste of the internal.

A frozen moment between the interior and exterior. Associations leading to form, which appear and disappear. Protrude and contract. A ductile divergence of presence and absence. Of being and non-being. Like a spider that spins a web to capture, to cocoon, to preserve. Freeze.

The organic prevalence of order within chaos. Form with respect to entropy. Casting the discord.

An echo left to dissipate through space and time. dilapidating. Choking. To disintegrate. Like an abrasion that slowly recedes. To retire.

As an artist I research the different layers that constitute our reality. As a painter I transform my exploration into a physical manifestation of the data. I paint a picture to be experienced.