RE:Present #2/23: Bice

Lieske Weenink, Christy Groen, Sammy Hamze, Hannah Kiefmann, Nayul Kim, Çisil Delibalta and Radina Kordova.

Installing: 14 – 16 March
Opening: 17 March 17.00 hrs.
Exhibition: 17 – 19 March, 13.00 – 17.00 hrs.

@1800: performance/installation “Potop”, by Radina Kordova
performers: Sofía Murillo Lommers and Wang Xoo
Performance only on the opening day.

In three research exhibitions, second-year students from the Frank Mohr Institute explore various ways to (re)present their work in the RE:Search:Gallery. This research includes questions such as: What happens to my artwork when it leaves the studio? Or how does it relate to the work of other exhibiting artists? How does the work communicate with the space and audiences? What are my role and responsibilities in this process that is, after all, also practical and has logistical aspects?

RE:Present can also be seen as the prelude to their graduation exhibition of this year, although a number of artists will take this moment as an opportunity to show and try out something completely different. Every week a new group creates an exhibition consisting of three days of installing work and three days of exhibiting. During the installation days, they work closely together in a process-oriented manner to create the best possible presentation. Professionals from the art field are invited to provide feedback. The exhibition will then be open for three afternoons, during which the public is invited to exchange views with the participating artists.