RE:Present #3/24

Artists: Diana Ferro, Annika Hardy, Muzammil Hussain, Tosja van Lieshout, Sasha Schewelew

Opening: Friday April 12, 16.00 hrs.

Exhibition: April 12 – 20

Open: Thu – Sat from 13.00 -17.00 hrs.

As part of RE:Present #3 the artists organised an extensive public programme:

April 12:16.00 hrs.Opening with DJ set by Sachiko
April 13:13.00 –
16.00 hrs.
Claybreaks, ongoing open workshop 
Audio-nature experience by Coloripple
15.30 –
17.00 hrs.
April 18:13.00 –
17.00 hrs.
Claybreaks with Building Tomorrows Festival
April 19:13.00 –
17.00 hrs.
Claybreaks ongoing open workshop
A love letter to bartenders 
April 20:13.00 –
17.00 hrs.
RE:present #3 is part of the Art for you Festival Groningen
14.00 –
16.00 hrs.
Artist’s talks with the participating artists
16.00 –
17.00 hrs.
Festive Finissage with DJ set by Adriaan Bon
and a free Closure of the Day Drink 
offered by Art for you Festival Groningen

RE:Present is a collaboration between NP3 and the Frank Mohr Institute. The annual exhibition programme offers students a dynamic platform to collaborate across disciplines and a public setting for presenting their work and engaging with audiences.

In three exhibitions, second-year students from the Frank Mohr Institute, master programmes Painting and MADtech (Media, Art, Design & Technology) are invited to explore various ways to (re)present their work in the RE:Search:Gallery. This research includes questions such as: What happens to my artwork when it leaves the studio? Or how does it relate to the work of other exhibiting artists? How does the work communicate with the space and audiences? What are my role and responsibilities in this process that is, after all, also practical and has logistical aspects?

During the installation days, students work closely together in a process-oriented manner to create a group exhibition. Professionals from the art field are invited to provide feedback. The public is invited to exchange views with the participating artists during the three exhibitions.