Art manifestation MARKER

Opening: Thursday May 31 from 19.30 hrs. by Paul de Rook, Alderperson of Culture
Manifestation: June 1 – 9
Daily open: 10.00 – 22.00 hrs.
Free Entrance
Daily at 19.30 hrs. at guided tour or a meet up with one of the six artists.

From the 31st May to 9th June, NP3 and CBK Groningen will transform the Grote Markt into a new stage for contemporary art in Groningen: MARKER. With the Grote Markt as a source of inspiration, six artists investigate what the significance of the central square was, is and what it can be. They have developed unique art works that respond to the use and perception of this square, its cultural history, distinctive architecture and the influence of technology. Through the different art works, you can literally and figuratively eat up the cultural heritage, see well known Groningers come back to life, reflect on the inner city, climb to great heights, be part of the research of privacy in public spaces or surprise everyone with a sound performance, live at the Grote Markt.

The Grote Markt is the most important square in Groningen, with a concentration of restaurants, bars and shops as well as historic architectural icons such as the Martini Tower and City Hall. This central square is a free, accessible place where exchange and interaction take plays during all hours of the day and week. The location is also used as a market square for entrepreneurs as well as a stage for festivities and official activities. Now, the east side of the market is under large-scale renovations which are clearly visible.

For MARKER, NP3 and CBK combined their expertise and networks to encourage and support regional artists in the development of their artistic practices by giving them an assignment for creating a work in the public space. NP3 and CBK aim to create a new public stage with MARKER that will strengthen the art sector in Northern Netherlands.

NP3 and CBK opted for an open call as they could reach a wide range of artists, architects and designers to sign up for MARKER. From more than 40 applications, ten artists / art collectives were invited to make a design proposal based with documentation and their motivational statements. In the end, six artists were selected, keeping in mind their artistic quality, practicality and the work’s interaction with the public.

These six artists will start constructing and placing their work on Monday May 28 at the Grote Markt:

Ruben Boxman | Henri van Hoeve | Sarah Janssen | Lee Mc Donald | Bert Scholten | Albert Westerhoff

MARKER offers the artists a temporary stage and the next necessary step for their artistic development while making them visible to the audience. CBK and NP3 challenged the artists in a talent development trajectory which allowed the artists to take further steps in their professional artistic career. And to develop themselves in new and (un)known areas where challenges and developments await. NP3 and CBK coach the artists on the creative and business aspects of their artistic practice, such as working on commission, finance and communication. Within the process, the artists have all artistc freedom to explore and experiment.

Exhibition MARKER @NP3 and CBK Groningen – May 19th to June 16th, 2018

In addition to the art manifestation MARKER, the six artists will also present work and background information related to their artworks on the Grote Markt, at the exhibition spaces of NP3 and CBK. In the exhibitions you will see photos, models, working space, video’s, multiples, sculptures and sketches. The exhibition concept was developed by Vector-i.

Hofstraat 21
opening hours: Wed – Sat 12 – 17 hrs
Artists: Ruben Boxman, Lee MC Donald and Bert Scholten

CBK Groningen
Trompsingel 27
opening hours: Wed – Fri 9 – 17 hrs and Sat 13 – 17 hrs.
Artists: Henri van Hoeve, Sarah Janssen and Albert Westerhoff