TIMETABLE – ! alles muss raus !

14.00 – 17.00 PART 1 – concept & augmentation (research exhibition) 
17.00 – 00.00 PART 2 – hyperspace (performative) 

The final page. The final paragraph – then S&&A close this book.

Tomorrow: the last adventure – the last lizard will be slain.

For the first part of this final Sunday you are invited to interact with the research installation. Experience the Science Friction story that has played over the past three month. Build a cloud with Lee & Dragan – or see sounds with Sander. Be – you playful human. 

Different elements of the research will be emphasized by Klaas Hendrik Hantschel (smit) && Hannes Arvid Andersson (andersson) throughout the day.

17.00 HELLO WORLD! & BEETSTACKS for S&&A by Katie’s Kitchen
Bring your own records!!!!
Ever thought your vinyl was missing in the mix? Here you can have it tested. 

17.30 The Document – A phenomenological drift through hypertime and -space. 
The document is the first translation of the incredible amount of data created by the installation. The piece invites the audience to come along on an audio visual journey following the bits and bytes of shared memory; the traces of life – the hyperspace of Science Friction. Those imprints become words; become rhythmic; become language. Become story… Become tale – become history. 

18.15 Transversion vs. schiEf – maybe Lucia
History remade. Classical legends crashing into pop titans – all hail Gonald´s Trunk. And yet, somehow … it works. Rewriting history – one glitch at a time. The miracle of technology? Or it´s curse… Sympoeisis is the word of the hour. It clashes the old and the new; the made and the found into a trance of the present.

19.00 Forrest the resident poet 

19.20 Confused – the anderssonian instrument – maybe Chelo
A collage of moments that were caught; freshly invented instruments and kittens from the anthropocene. A confused sound piece. Also light. 

21.00 The final pile – feat. Glamdrag & Lee 

22.20 Dance your socks off – Miss Jay and Tizian
Put on your fancy sock. Or are you more the mix and match type? High socks, low socks, those socks with toes are also cool. Maybe you got very special socks? Or Christmas socks. All socks are welcome as we close this one with some bambule.