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//A tale of algorithmic sounds

Saturday April 6thOpening RE:Sume17:00-24:00with drinks, bites and special guest: Agustin Martinez//A tale of algorithmic soundsMarv and the marvelous marshmallows {Agustin Martinez is a mixed media artist working with computational process and interactive systems for creating collaborative audio journeys. Guitar, keyboard, field recordings and GAN algorithms create hybrid musical soundscapes. } – – – – – – […]

Cut – up Indeterminate Anthems by Libia Castro & Olafur Olafsson

Cut-up Indeterminate Anthem (2018-ongoing) is a new musical performative installation by LIBIA CASTRO AND ÓLAFUR ÓLAFSSON OPEN CALL for artistst and musicians for 2-days workshop and musical performance event Workshop: March 13 & 14 (Wednesday and Thursday) Public performance: March 14, 19.30 hrs. Location: RE:Search:Gallery, Hofstraat 21 Groningen The installation is composed of cut-up scores of […]