Tales of the Unseen ME#6

Graduation Show Frank Mohr Institute – Tales of the Unseen – Master Edition #6 – #8
February 13 – 28, 2021:
Master Edition #6 –  February 13 and 14: Jochem van den Wijngaard
Master Edition #7 – February 20 and 21: Steven Spoelstra & Inbal Ann Hershtig
Master Edition #8 – February 27 and 28: Martina Dal Brollo & Lisa Plattner

The last three exhibitions will be online from RE:Search:Gallery, a walk-through of the exhibitions will take place at fixed times:
Saturday 15.00 hrs at Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/researchgallery/
Sunday 15.00 hrs at Facebook:

The master students 2020 of the Frank Mohr Institute (FMI) show their work in the RE:Search:Gallery in Groningen. With a series of exhibitions from September 2020 until February 28, 2021, the masters in PAINting and Media, Art, Design & Technology (MADtech) complete their two-year research by presenting their final projects to the public. The global pandemic challenges us to be flexible and adaptive. Therefore the last five graduates will make their graduation shows in the RE:Search:Gallery, but will reach out online to the audience. There will be several presentations during this period, keep informed through our website and social media.