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RR:Present is a series of three presentations. The project is a collaboration of NP3 and teachers and first-year students PAINting and MADtech from the Frank Mohr Institute (FMI) in which they investigate various ways to (re)present artworks. This research includes questions such as: what happens to my artwork when it leaves the studio? How does the work communicate in an exhibition context or how does it relate to the work of other artists? What are my role and responsibilities in this process? In RE:Present, we try to explore these questions from three different approaches.  

RE:Present #1 – Keyworks
Keyworks shows one work of all first-year students and took place at the Open Day on February 29 in the Koepelzaal of Academie Minerva, Curator: Marc Bijl (tutor FMI)

RE:Present #2 – We care a lot.* (It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.)
The word curator comes from the Latin word curare, which translates as ‘to take care’. The exhibition RE:Present #2 is created around this theme. Caring for yourself, for someone, for something or for the world at large: to take care compels us to connect. While caring refers to a feeling of concern or interest, or to the act of attending to someone or something, it gives us responsibility and a sense of humanity. Accordingly, these connections and humanity you will find in the artworks presented. As George Orwell once said: ‘For you can only create if you can care.’ 

Participating artists: Alan Ahued Naime, Dewi Brouwer, Ivana Deric, Cheuk Lam Tam, Christos Mavrodis, Livia Ribichini, Marjolijn Rijks, Jannemarein Renout, Jui-Tsz Shiu, Alexandra Subota, Yu Wang, Tianyi Zheng.

Curator: Belinda Hak (lecturer FMI) and Gisanne Hendriks (student of the MA art history at the University of Groningen).
* The title is borrowed from the song We care a lot by Faith No More. 

RE:present #3 Roots and Roads
The selected students have to work within the concept of the curator. Roots and Roads is inspired on the exhibition ’This is the Show and the Show is many things’ of the S.M.A.K. museum Gent in 1994.

qoute: article by Adrian Searle,, November 6, 1994: This is the Show… is a fun palace, a rumpus room, a discount warehouse, a museum without walls, a wasteland and a Wunder-Kabinett of the marvellous and the inconsequential. Many of the works are being made, unmade, adapted and changed by the participants while the show is running. Nothing is labelled and the galleries are a confusing mixture of work areas, incomplete installations, storage spaces, spontaneous liaisons and those petty acts of aesthetic terrorism which probably seemed like a good idea at the time. There are many, many things here alright, too many things….

Curator: Ruud Akse (core-tutor FMI MADtech and artistic director NP3)