Science Friction

Grande Opening – join the mothernode
27 sep: 17.00

The project “SCIENCE FRICTION” presents an empty canvas – a lonely node – that gets filled with the data created in the 3 month time in which it exists.

S&&A got invited to create an artist book for NP3 as their participation in the WKB´18. A book – of the 21st century.

As digital media has shifted our information intake from static to fluid, the lack of restrictions of time and space make it hard to keep up – to know where one story ends and another begins. The Internet – the Cloud – the Algorithms – all words we know, words we live by. But what are they? These words we know so well. And how can we write with them?

We built a “little” Internet. A framework that gives space and time to the social network human – physical and digital. A local network situation that researches the interaction between the “real” and the other “real” in a playful way.

The performative research installation “SCIENCE FRICTION” takes us on a journey through digital schizophrenia and closely knitted structures of data avatars and algorithms. It opens the table for discussion and thought on the present network situations condition.

All data created in the installation adds up and tells the story that will be told in the artist book. During the installation all data collected will be made accessible to the public. We are looking forward to research, bend, and experience the possibilities of interaction that the social data creates – together with the audience.

We invite you to join us in our attempt to develop a network that proposes a symbiosis between the human and her machines.

Come join us for drinks, music and discussions and feed the machine created by the artist duo. Become part of the network restricted by time and space. Leave a trace for future generations. Its up to you. All data created in the installation will be open for research and accessible at all times inside the spacial confinements of the installation.


SMIT && ANDERSSON is a philosophically oriented tech-art && research duo based in Groningen, the Netherlands. Our goal is to investigate the phenomenological aspects of perception; body; space; and time, – in a present where we all carry a refracted version of ourselves in our pockets. and to expand the confinements of language and narrative; seeing and being. Our wish to establish a form of communication more suitable for discussing the complexities of contemporaneity; A trans-medial language appropriate of the anthropocene; A language for the networked human.