Exhibition: April 10 until June 8, 2013 
Open during Time Shift Festival: daily 14-20 hrs
Location: NP3.tmp (M0Bi)
Special thanks to: DutchBoxx

Especially for the unique location, the 500 m2 industrial container art hall NP3.tmp and in the context of the Time Shift Festival NP3 invited the Swiss artist Zimoun and the Groninger artist Kasper van Hoek to develop new work. Both artists realize in their own unique way, innovative, transdisciplinary sound sculptures at the boundaries of art and music and / or sound.
Experience the ‘squeaking’ sound constructions of Kasper van Hoek and ‘buzzing’ architectural platforms of Zimoun for free.

| Zimoun

Title: 140 prepared dc-motors, cotton balls, cardboard boxes 60x60x60cm, Zimoun 2013

The on architecture inspired, impressive sound platforms of the Swiss artist Zimoun are always built of simple and functional materials. The simplicity of the materials and the strict, perfect structures of the building provides a unique tension, in which the minimalistic installations produces an almost obsessive mechanical rhythms and / or vibrations.
For the first time Zimoun shows his work this way in the Netherlands and when the visitors are entering NP3.tmp they immediately are greeted by the towering, buzzing installation. The architectural platform is made of 140 cardboard boxes, 140 small electric motors, very thin metal and copper wires and 140 white, virgin cotton balls. The constantly driven balls, each in its own rhythm, create through the light touch of cardboard boxes, an almost orchestral sound.
But the experience and the associations evoked by the work are all arises in the eye and ear of the visitor.

In addition to these overwhelming physical intervention of 12 m x 4,20 m Zimoun also shows a unique series of four films, in which his fascinations and inquisitive mentality get clear: from wood worms in tree stumps to metal chips in magnetic fields.

A detail of the sound sculpture of Zimoun in NP3.tmp you can find here.