Rafaël Rozendaal
– Interactive Pieces

June 17 – October 17, 2017

Discover the interactive art by Rafaël Rozendaal 24/7/365 at eMMa.

Rafaël Rozendaal is a Dutch-Brasilian visual artist who uses the internet as his canvas.
His artistic practice consists of websites, installations, lenticulars, writings and lectures. Spread out over a vast network of domain names, he attracts a large online audience of over 30 million visits per year.
His work researches the screen as a pictorial space, reverse engineering reality into condensed bits, in a space somewhere between animated cartoons and paintings. His installations involve moving light and reflections, taking online works and transforming them into spatial experiences.


Rem Koolhaas Videobusstop
Emmaplein Groningen
The Netherlands

Image: Float Bounce.com, Rafaël Rozendaal, 2016, Dimensions Variable, Duration Infinite, Courtesy the artist