on-going research project on the re:use of artworks!
Detail of re:de:construct by Anno Dijkstra at bur0 Gr0ningen
It’s time to recycle art! Recycling waste and materials is already common practice in the world. But now it’s time for the next step in the art world! What to do with immense artworks that are temporarily part of a festival or exhibition? The material usually ends up at the dumping ground! Is it possible for artists to recycle the artworks, for themselves as an artistic approach and in re:use of materials? The new location of M0Bi with its generous outdoor space (3,500 m2) on the former sugar factory area in Groningen offers time and space for NP3 and artists to investigate until 2030. The first piece of art within re:de:construct is:
re:de:construct 1.0 Reconstruction 0 (2015)
by Anno Dijkstra 
July 12 – October 7, 2017
On a unique location, a vacant shelter at Park Soesterberg Air Base, Anno Dijkstra, on behalf of the province of Utrecht, realised the artwork Reconstruction 0: a scale model (of 1:521) of the well-known mushroom cloud visible after the explosion of an atomic bomb.
Reconstruction 0 by Anno Dijkstra at Park Soesterberg Air Base
Visit the first step of re:de:construct 1.0 in bur0 Gr0ningen.     
bur0 Gr0ningen
open: Wed–Sat 12–17 hrs and by appointment
Hofstraat 21
9712 JA Groningen
The Netherlands
the exhibition is closed during school holidays 

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