NP3 is a plateau that differs drastically in profile, content and innovation. From the surface to a deeper field in search of more elementary, dynamic and multidimensional urgencies. Presented in three non-linear layers on three different locations in the city center of Groningen:
NP3 | RE:Search:Gallery
NP3 | MOBi
NP3 | eMMa

re:de:construct :concept

NP3 | MOBi at the Suikerterrein
MOBi Container Art Space (indoor space) & MOBi Square Garden (MSG) (outdoor space)
re:de:construct is an ongoing research project until at least 2030

With MOBi, NP3 offers a platform for (inter)national artists to explore, experiment, and showcase their work. It serves as a dynamic space where artists can develop their creations for a unique environment. Moreover, it fosters collaborations between the art world and the education, business and public communities. At MOBi we encourage artists to push boundaries by experimenting not only with the interior and exterior spaces of the building but also with sustainable materials, mobile architecture, new technology, innovative media applications, and unconventional presentation formats.

Situated at the Suikerterrein until at least 2030, MOBi provides a haven for temporary and experimental art forms, contributing to the vibrant and ever-evolving art landscape.

One of the ongoing research projects hosted by NP3 is re:de:construct, which focuses on the repurposing of artworks. MOBi itself is a fully recycled mobile building that was relocated from the Ebbingekwartier to the Suikerterrein in 2017.

While waste and material recycling have become commonplace worldwide, it is time for the art world to embrace a similar approach: the recycling of art. What should be done with all the immense artworks that were once part of exhibitions or manifestations that no longer exist? Regrettably, such materials often end up in landfills. NP3 extends an invitation to artists, encouraging them to develop, reconsider, and reflect upon their practice through an ecological lens. This artistic exploration involves critically examining the reuse of materials and/or the potential for re:developing them in future works.

Through the re:de:construct initiative, NP3 aims to raise awareness about the carbon footprint associated with the creation of art. By prioritising the reuse of existing materials, we can significantly reduce our ecological impact. Working closely with artists, NP3 facilitates the recycling of their discarded artworks, either by repurposing the materials for new creations or by giving the artworks a fresh context. In doing so, NP3 not only investigates the potential of reuse but also introduces an innovative concept that stimulates the adoption of circular thinking and development in the art world. Currently, several artists and collectives are engaged in creating new artforms using material from previous works.

#1 AntennA

#2 Museum of…

#3 Bioremediating Missile

#4 Between Us

virtual exhibition space: GAZILLA :concept

The physical location NP3 | RE:Search:Gallery comes to life in a virtual playground: GAZILLA. Modelled on the basis of the existing architecture of the exhibition space, a new hyper-realistic environment has been created: a development and research space for artists and audiences, in which they can experiment with online exhibitions in an accessible way. 

This new online exhibition space offers endless opportunities to experiment and opens the door to a new global audience. Immerse into the digital realm as we pioneer the concept of hybrid exhibitions. With an exact replica of the physical NP3 | RE:Search:Gallery, the virtual space offers a seamless blend of online and offline experiences. Using a Virtual Reality set, brings the gallery space to life like never before. Join GAZILLA to redefine the art world, bridging distances and connecting souls through the power of creativity. Whether exploring from the comfort of your home or stepping into our physical space, there’s something extraordinary waiting for you at NP3 | GAZILLA. 

LABitat :concept

LABitat is a combination of two words: “LAB” and “habitat”. “LAB” stands for laboratory, referring to a space where experiments are conducted, research is carried out, and new ideas are developed. “Habitat” means living environment or habitat, which here refers to the environment in which artists can work and reside during the development programme. So, in the context of NP3, LABitat signifies a laboratory-like environment where artists can experiment, conduct research, and develop their artistic practice within a supportive living environment.
“LABitat according to ChatGPT”

Within LABitat, artists collaborate with the NP3 team to work on specific research, projects, or exhibition formats. In this ongoing trajectory, where no timeframe is predefined, the artist is given the opportunity to work calmly on the necessary depth and development of their artistic practice. It’s a contemplative, free space for reflection and encounters, offering short research and development residencies at one of our locations, studio visits, artist talks, public dialogue, and discussions.

We provide artists with substantive, technical, and production support and work together on the development of their entrepreneurship and financial aspects such as grants, funds, and sponsorship. All the steps necessary to develop and realise a realistic project.

Once we have collectively secured the necessary budget and the project is ready for presentation, it is scheduled in the programming, in close consultation between our team and the respective artist. The (final) result is presented at one of the NP3 locations, physically and/or online. The choice of location(s) and presentation format depends on the specific research and is determined by the artist. This can range from presenting the final result or development process to site-specific large-scale art projects for one of the physical locations, or within the concepts of NP3 | Gazilla or re:de:construct.

Within LABitat, several artists will go through their own development trajectory, varying in time and form. This connects a diverse and dynamic group of artists who can also reflect on each other’s development.

The NP3 programme has always emerged proactively, adaptively, and fluidly, with artists being guided by the entire team from idea or concept to final result. With LABitat as an overarching format, we as a team have developed a sustainable form for the long term, that allows us to remain responsive to developments in the art world or society.

RE:Present :concept

RE:Present is a collaboration between NP3 and the Frank Mohr Institute. The annual exhibition programme offers students a dynamic platform to collaborate across disciplines and a public setting for presenting their work and engaging with audiences.

In three exhibitions, second-year students from the Frank Mohr Institute, master programmes Painting and MADtech (Media, Art, Design & Technology) are invited to explore various ways to (re)present their work in the RE:Search:Gallery. This research includes questions such as: What happens to my artwork when it leaves the studio? Or how does it relate to the work of other exhibiting artists? How does the work communicate with the space and audiences? What are my role and responsibilities in this process that is, after all, also practical and has logistical aspects?

During the installation days, students work closely together in a process-oriented manner to create a group exhibition. Professionals from the art field are invited to provide feedback. The public is invited to exchange views with the participating artists during the three exhibitions.