A FABULOUS evening with LOLA

Lola Lasagna is hosting a FABULOUS evening filled with entertainment. June 20th she will park her royally padded bottom in the RE:Search:Gallery to deliver a night full of glamour, camp, performances and awkward dance moves. Of course she will bring a selection of her talented friends to impress the crowd. Be in awe of the great performers that cannot wait to show you what they are all about, it will be a night to never forget. 

For this night Lola challenges YOU to bring out YOUR glamorous alter ego.
Put on the most glittery, skanky, tight dress you can find, a smelly wig, your mother’s old deep red lip stick, and come dance with us! There will also be a dance floor with blacklight, so those neon eyelashes will pop right out.


Hofstraat 21
Groningen, Netherlands


June 20th
From 20.30h onwards

Hope to see you there, queen!