Data Resonance OPEN LAB III

Come and experience your spatial data in an ambisonic sound system on 
12, 13 and 14 of October
Open: 12.00 – 18.00 hrs.
Location: NP3 | MOBi, Suikerlaan 41, Groningen

Data Resonance is an a research project by artistic researchers: Hannes Arvid Andersson & Marcelo Agustin Martinez. LAB III was developed in close collaboration with Martin Kloos.

Exploring Spatial Dynamics, Data Sonification & Collective Empowerment, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project ‘Data Resonance’ is an innovative research project into novel ways of creating shared safe spaces, utilising innovative technologies and personal data. The investigation aims to contribute both conceptually and practically to the development of human-machine interactions in relation to security and governance. In the current climate around Covid-19 this is both practical and relevant. We will explore these themes by using personal data-generated by real-time surveillance-in a lab setting, to produce an audio-visual experience that allows users to be aware of safe distance while contributing to the soundscape and potentially becoming more aware and literate around the uses of personal data.

Its main hypotheses are: can creating a system that translates personal data into a sensorial experience empower individuals to collectively co-create a shared and safe environment through technological mediation? And secondly, how, and whether at all, can technologically mediated applications based on personal data be utilised to safely navigate, explore and experience shared spaces?

The project is a cross-collaborative, interdisciplinary effort between several institutions across the north of the Netherlands. It comprises a series of research LABS, which are part of the larger research into establishing tools and methods for co-creating technologically aided safe environments through collective empowerment.

It will result in establishing workable methodologies for artistic researchers and new applications of drone and audio technology with the potential of providing solutions for the events business and cultural sector. Including applying recreations of this model globally in various contexts such as festivals, cultural events and public spaces. It will also lay the groundwork for further research and development, generate theoretical insights and dialogues regarding its findings with societal institutions.

Conducted in Collaboration with the partner institutions:NP3 | RE:Search:Gallery, Artistic Research Community (ARC) in the North, Studio for Electro-Intrumental Music (STEIM), OMNI-Drones BV. & Frank Mohr Institute (FMI).
Funded through the Kennis en Innovatiemapping (KIEM) 2020 funding scheme from NWO.