Die Kantine

NP3 starts the summer

FRIDAY JULY 3, 2015 @ NP3 | M0Bi, Kolendrift 13, Groningen (NL)
16 until 24 hours
Admission: € 2.50

DIE KANTINE is a pop-up bar and dance space in one! A place to eat, drink, party and meet. For each episode a new intriguing new location, this summer edition will take place at M0Bi!

Park your hipster bike in the shed, shave off your beard and mustache, leave the flowery dress at home and forget your big black glasses. From now on we do it just normal again! Polo shirts, fleece sweaters for the colder evening, that glorious shapeless daddy or mommy jeans, a camping smoking with white socks and sandals: put them on! Free the tourist in yourselves right before the holidays and come along on Friday, July 3, to the most normal Die Kantine you’ll ever experience! Just get a drink with a normal summer snack from afternoon until midnight. Die Kantine Kitchen is open from 18:00 until everything is gone. At 22:00 DJ Joost Oomen turns Die Kantine into a very normal dancing space. A normal moment to drink, eat and dance…