Audiovisual performances by Federico Murgia & John Bringwolves.
Saturday March 2
20.00 hrs.

Free entrance

HOTARU is an immersive performance that delves into the dynamic interplay between light and sound, shaping our perception of space. 

HOTARU, in essence, manifests as a symbiotic, ritualistic, and sensorially immersive odyssey, seamlessly merging the natural and the artificial, the tangible and the surreal, the organic and the electronic. Federico Murgia, in collaboration with John Bringwolves, curates a synesthetic encounter that probes hypnotic sonorities and spatial light effects. This hallucinatory sojourn intertwines sonic and luminous frequencies within a dynamic, immersive spectacle. A symbiotic dialogue unfolds between sound and light, woven through frequency pairings and sensorial reciprocity. Leveraging custom lights, sound devices, and a blend of software and analog synthesizers, Federico (light) and John (sound) sculpt a transcendent experience.