The ex-Chairman @ bur0 Gr0ningen

In 24/7/365 exhibition display of bur0 Gr0ningen seen from the St.Walburgstraat

January 10 until February 14, 2016

Collectorslightem LAB presents: The ex-Chairman by Studio Snutjung 

Collectorslightem LAB is one of the three concepts in the research, process and development lab M0Bi Valley of NP3. Where artists, scientists, researchers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, students, resourceful citizens and… work closely together to create new solutions in changing times. In Collectorslightem LAB waste products, special collections and sustainable light are used as recource.

The ex-Chairman of Studio Snutjung @ 24/7/365 exhibition display of bur0 Gr0ningen