Nocturnal Garden

The hidden nightlife of plants
Elsbeth van Noppen

November 20, 2021 – February 6, 2022 ON VIEW 24/7 in public space eMMa
Nocturnal Garden creates nightly escapades, looking for sweltering air, exotic fragrances and the exuberant nature that evokes a desire for nocturnal adventures.
In her hypervisual films and stills, director Elsbeth van Noppen creates a contemporary audiovisual erotic garden. In this utopian botanical world, Elsbeth positions herself in this limitless environment of the night garden to explore the intimate sense she is experiencing in presence of flora in the night.

Nocturnal Garden is inspired by 18th century English erotic gardens, tantalizing botanical texts by Erasmus Darwin from The Loves of the Plants (1791), the sexual taxonomy system of Linnaeus and the fantastic literature by Ronald Fraser from 1926. In conservative times gardens and nature were used as metaphors to describe the female body and sexuality, creating a libertine way to celebrate sexuality.
Nocturnal Garden is an extensive project consisting of films, photos and live VJ performances. With this project Elsbeth has been able to combine her love for the night, film, music, VJ and flora in one project.