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Exhibition: September 21 – November 30, 2019

Opening: Friday, September 20, 17.00 h.

Dragan Glamočić

During the last two months Dragan worked in the DISplay and used the space as an art-laboratory. By-passers could follow 24/7 his unpredictable and unique way of working, always with surprising outcome. He also explored the central space and the semi-permanent installation COLOR DISPERSER by Rutger de Vries. Dragan recycled the protective plastic that Rutger used when installing his work. Dragan took over the space and transformed it into an abstract light installation and environment.

Tracey Snelling
Clusterfuck 10: New Age

“Clusterfuck 10, is the latest in a series of immersive installations by the Berlin based artist Tracey Snelling. She combines video from new age/positive affirmation movements with video found via social media and memes, surrounded by posters, magazine and comic book pages. A commentary on overload in modern-day culture, the installation asks one to “turn on, tune in and drop out” as Timothy Leary suggested, amidst the overwhelm and chaos of today’s society.”