re:de:construct #1
AntennA is a collaborative art project initiated by artists Anno Dijkstra and ax710. Their way of working is radically different: Anno from the physical presence, the analog and ax710 with the emphasis on interaction, digital art and circularity.. During COVID-19 they started the experiment to collaborate in a new outdoor artwork where the material of two works of art will be reused: Reconstruction 0 by Anno Dijkstra and axicolor® by ax710.

Together they will realise a contemporary way of communication that interacts with the environment in very different ways. It is precisely the differences in method and approach to art that connect all of them in an important similarity: social engagement and social involvement. Interaction with the environment and communication with the public is important in their work. Signaling, sending, listening, looking, making contact. 

Other talented and starting artists from different disciplines are invited to join the AntennA collaboration. Hannes Arvid Andersson joined from the start in 2020, Dragan Glamočić in 2021 and in 2022 Alan Ahued Naime came on board. The artists will jointly realise a new work of art, each based on their own vision and expertise.

Inauguration AntennA
The first step of AntennA was the reuse of Reconstruction 0 and the transformation into AntennA. It started with the extensive job to laminate the hundreds of pieces of material, in different forms and sizes with Acrylic one. All the pieces were reused in the artwork AntennA. The second step in the development will start after the summer, by reusing the billboards from the work axicolor®, in conjunction with AntennA.

AntennA crew: Severi Aaltonen, Alan Ahued Naime, Ruud Akse, Ra’fat Ali, Hannes Arvid Andersson, Saskia Benitez, Anno Dijkstra, Luuk Dijkstra, Dragan Glamočić, Ilona Hegedüs, Christos Mavrodis, Dulcinea Moran, Roza Robein, Jenny Song. Jan Tengbergen, photographer.

Reconstruction 0, a 1:521 scale model by Anno Dijkstra.
The site-specific work was developed in 2015 for the Embedded Art manifestation at Park Vliegbasis Soesterberg, where artworks in various shelters and bunkers were on show in the summer of 2015. The work is reminiscent of a jellyfish or a mushroom, but another association also emerges, one with a dark connotation, the icon we know so well from the media: the mushroom cloud over Hiroshima. Anno has made the effort to get a grip on the absurd, inhuman measure. It has become a work based on Anno’s amazement, awe and deep fear about the power of human intelligence, ingenuity, the immeasurable constructive sides when we think of medicine, for example, but also the immeasurable destructive consequences that it can have. The material that remains of this work of art consists of a very large amount of PU (Polyurethane) combined with B-Board shapes, approx. 80-90 m3 and a large amount of scaffolding material. 

Reconstruction 0 / Anno Dijkstra / 2015

axicolor® by ax710.
Commissioned by the municipality of Nieuwegein, ax710 made a work of art for the Parktunnel from 2007 till 2010. The project had to connect various elements: a work of art in the tunnel, increase the safety experience of cyclists and pedestrians, and involve local youth in the development of the work of art. The concept of axicolor® was to transform the bicycle and pedestrian tunnel into a gallery in the public space with the municipality of Nieuwegein as gallery owner and to closely involve the residents of the neighborhood in the artworks. The street gallery started with large (approx. 3 x 4 meters), completely white billboards, on which the unknown street artists were given complete freedom to apply their artwork. The project involved close collaboration with Social Work Nieuwegein and the neighborhood network. The seven large billboards remained the property of ax710 after the project was completed in 2010.

axiCOLOR® / ax710 / 2007

Made possible by Gemeente Groningen, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds and Kunstraad Groningen.