Museum of … it’s about Nothing

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Museum of … it’s about Nothing

Last Winter a new pavilion appeared in the micro forest of MOBi. It turned out to be a new space initiated by Museum of…, an independent institute that has a nomadic existence and has previously been settled in various places in Europe. It’s in between an art work, an exhibition space and a monument for independent art. 

A construction that claims to be a museum but actually is an artwork that refuses to be defined, hidden in a no-man’s-land that can be found through its geographic coordinates. A place for art and its viewer, shielded from the large public. An independent initiative that does not engage with the market, populism, politics or social engagement and defies superimposed opinions. Museum of … it’s about Nothing is a place, that can be discovered and savoured in solitude, without external influences, as a highly personal experience. 

Without an address and hidden under a camouflage netting, it is a haven for the true art lover who is looking for adventure as well as a curious passer-by who is given an unexpected experience when he encounters it on their path.

Museum of … it’s about Nothing found a new base at the coordinates 53.210901, 6.534937 

It’s a counterpart of the two previous Museum of…, it has left the white cube behind and the current location is a completely different environment.

Since March 2023 the new Museum of … it´s about Nothing is open for the adventurer.

Every quarter there will be a new presentation:
#2 Museum of it’s about Nothing is satisfied with the new connection to Psychology, on view until mid September
#1 Museum of it’s about Nothing but slightly concerned about the position of Psychology in Art.

The space has free access for everybody. Museum of… is open from sunrise until sunset.
For entering the Museum you need a code to open the lock, you can find the code on the website a 4 number code marked in red. Please lock the door again after leaving.

Photo: Jan Tengbergen 2023