Paul Verheul

Exploration period: November 23, 2022 – January 26, 2022
Exhibition: February 2 – 25
Opening: Friday | January 27 17.00 – 19.00 hrs.
Opening hours: Thu – Sat 13.00 – 17.00 hrs 

Paul will be at the RE:Search:Gallery every Friday!

Line: Traverses the edge between the idea of form, and the presence of these forms in the world; a boundary between areas and simultaneously a connector – a bridge. The line itself becomes a space between one quality and another.

With Bind.Divide Paul presents the results of his exploration period at the RE:Search:Gallery in which he uses line predominantly in the form of rope and yarn to create tactile environments. The work extends a vibrant contradiction, the structures appear solid yet are in reality unerringly delicate and flexible. Paul is also a painter, and questions traditional notions of painting, dividing the surface while accentuating qualities such as transparency and lightness. He explored the notions of weaving and writing; trace-leaving actions with inherent flows and pauses: a rhythmic movement of touching the surface leaving a mark, and lifting – forming a pattern of presence and absence.

For Paul the allure of fibre based craft is not only making an object, but also recording and conveying movement. Line becomes representative of journey, and as the original threads are woven together they become traces, yielded to the pattern of their entwining.