RE:Sumatic 13 December 2022
Workshop 17 MiN of Fame
an interactive experiment
Workshop: 15.00 – 17.30 hrs.
Closed Exhibition and opening: Tuesday 13 December 17.30 – 18.00 hrs.
Locations: Lorentz Center Leiden, NP3 | RE:Search:Gallery, Groningen and online

Participants: Alex Rushforth, Annemijn Algra, Björn Hammarfelt, Catelijne Coopmans, Julian Hamann, Liz Simmonds, Markus Hoffmann, Michaela Strinzel, Mollie Etheridge, Paul Wouters, Rodrigo Costas Comesana, Sarah de Rijcke, Sean Sapcariu, Tamarinde Haven, Tung Tung Chan, Wolfgang Kaltenbrunner, Zsuzsa Bakk
On show the results that the scientists created during the workshop 17 MiN of fame
as part of Curricula Vitae as Reproductive Interfaces in Research An international workshop for researchers in all scientific disciplines.
The participating scientists were challenged to visualize and imagine their professional life, with the help of an online AI ‘Text prompt image generator’. By putting essential words and specific topics related to the own research into the generator. They experimented and searched until they found their unique artistic imagination in one picture. The perfect image of presenting their path in life!
Concept: ax710
Workshop: Ruud Akse and Zwaan Ipema
Curators: NP3 (Ruud Akse, Dragan Glamočić, Hannes Arvid Andersson)
Project image: Craiyon generated image by Dragan Glamočić
Visuals and technique exhibition: Hannes Arvid Andersson
Project production NP3 | RE:Search:Gallery: Dragan Glamočić and Hannes Arvid Andersson
The international workshop Curricula Vitae as Reproductive Interfaces in Research, was organized by: Leiden University, Harvard University and Swiss National Science Foundation