RE:Present #3 on RE:Mote from the RE:Search:Gallery

May 13 – 29, 2020 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
15.00 – 16.00 hrs live on Instagram 
16.00 – 17.00 hrs live on Facebook

Due to the COVID-19 virus the concept of RE:Present has changed, not canceled but transformed!
RE:Present was the first project in the RE:Search:Gallery that was postponed in March, due to COVID-19 virus. The project was for the first-year students of the Frank Mohr Institute (PAINting & MADtech) were they worked with three different ‘types’ of curators, with different views and approaches.
RE:Present #1– ‘Keyworks’ was curated by Marc Bijl and showed artworks of 26 students at the Frank Mohr Institute, end of February. RE:Present #2 –‘We care a lot, curated by Belinda Hak and Gisanne Hendriks, who selected 12 students for their exhibition which was supposed to take place in the RE:Search:Gallery, but unfortunate this could not happen. Instead they are now working on a publication, so the students still can present their work to the public in this form. Keep an eye on our website!
RE:Present #3 – ‘roots and roads’ was the curator concept by Ruud Akse, but in the light of current circumstances he changed the concept into an ongoing experimental research into how to present art online: RE:Mote. Not only for the current situation, but also to find new models for use in the future. The first experiment within RE:Mote was an open call to the first-year students of the Frank Mohr Institute, who got asked to design their artistic vision in Black and White, on an A3 poster. Almost 50 posters are now pasted on the gallery walls and will be shown online by the ‘homemade’ mobile robot vacuum cleaner camera making scheduled tours that are live streamed through Instragram and Facebook.


1. Sally Samaan
a. Bugs 1
b. City Mosqueto
c. Bugs 2

2. Reon Cordova
a. The matress left behind copia
b. Kiera Hogan vs Miranda Alize (FULL MATCH) [Throwback Series] Women’s Wrestling

3. Christos Mavrodis
a. Kind Of An Unhealthy Way to Dance
b. I Like Europe And Europe Likes Me

4. Julia Mckellar, 001 pixel ecology

5. Ivana Đerić

6. Eirik Jahnsen

7. Marjolijn Rijks, I miss color

8. Cleo Veldman
a. Reborn
b. High

9. Jui-Tsz Shiu, Are you looking for me?

10. Livia Rib
a. Avant Hyper Manifesto_2
b. Avant Hyper Manifesto_1

11. Xinyue Shao, we are lost in the heart of the very place

12. Shay Josef, Disfunctional

13. Joeke van der Veen, paper_posters

14. Jannemarein Renout, bontespecht_A3_basic
top row:
a.  bontespecht_Filter_Distort_PolarCoordinates_RectangulartoPolar
b.  bontespecht_Filter_Pixelate_Mosaic_CellSize200square
c.  bontespecht_Filter_Wind_Stagger_FromtheRight
d.  bontespecht_Filter_Stylize_Solarize
e.  bontespecht_Filter_Stylize_Tiles_NumberOfTiles10_
f.   bontespecht_Filter_Stylize_Extrude_Blocks_255Pixels_Depth255_Level based_SolidFrontFaces_MaskIncompleBlocks
g.  bontespecht_Filter_Sharpen_UnsharpMask_Amount500_
h.  bontespecht_Filter_Render_LensFlare_Brightness218_
i.   bontespecht_Filter_Render_DifferenceClouds
j.   bontespecht_Filter_Distort_Twirl_Angle999
bottom row:
k.  bontespecht_Filter_Render_Clouds
l.   bontespecht_Filter_Render_Fibers_Variance10_Strength64_Randomize
m. bontespecht_Filter_Stylize_FindEdges
n.  bontespecht_Filter_Distort_Spherize_100_normal
o.  bontespecht_Filter_Blur_MotionBlur_Angle0_
p.  bontespecht_Filter_Blur_SurfaceBlur_Radius100Pixels_
q.  bontespecht_Filter_Stylize_TraceContour_Level100_EdgeUpper
r.   bontespecht_Filter_Render_Emboss_Angle135_
s. bontespecht_Filter_Noise_Dust&Scratches_
t.   bontespecht_Filter_Distort_ZigZag_Amount100_

15. Alan Ahued Naime

16. Quintus Glerum
a. Final Fix
b. Life In Quarantine

17. Yu Wang
a.   Stream of tears 潸 流 2020
b.   Knight 2018
c.   Taniguchi 2018