Talent van Hier

​Within the development programme Talent van Hier, the visibility of talent in Groningen is increased by collectively creating more spaces at existing festivals and venues. Talent van Hier is an initiative of Grand Theatre for the Municipality of Groningen and is part of ESNS ART 2024. 

For ‘Talent van Hier’ NP3 invited two talented artists to make the next step in their research: 
Alan Ahued Naime and Babak Modarresi Rohani. Both artists will work for a period in the RE:Search:Gallery to experiment within the space. During ‘Talent van Hier’ they will show their latest developments.

Alan Ahued Naime
With a background in music composition and multimedia art, Alan works in the space where music and other disciplines meet. He currently conducts his creative research Plasticity of Sound, where he explores the idea to emancipate music from the element of duration, trying to reach a ‘new’ way of sonic perception. The project delves into the possibility of perceiving music as a plastic medium, played in a sculptural space that allows the audience to walk through the composition. Similar to the way we approach a sculpture, visitors can walk through the space at their own speed, forward or backwards, and even stop at any section for a deep listening. In this way, sound (music) is always there and the listener becomes time itself along the composition. 

For Talent Van Hier, Alan will show his mobile installation DirectCurrent at NP3 | RE:Search Gallery. It consists of a music composition played in a surround system powered by the listeners themselves. Visitors are invited to activate crank machines in order to generate electricity to power the speakers. Since participants decide when and in which order they crank the machines, the music will never be exactly the same.

Babak Modarresi Rohani – xāt
Babak’s collaborative multimedia project xāt seamlessly blends virtual reality (VR) with tangible haptic feedback. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) neural network generated sounds, the project orchestrates an interconnected sensory journey where sounds, visuals, and vibrations react all together. This ongoing artistic research aims to unravel the profound effects of sound frequencies on the human body and explores the dynamic interplay between the virtual and real worlds, demonstrating how each element influences the other.

In this project Babak works together with Amirpasha Mobini Tehrani and Soroush Mohamadzadeh Azari.

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