Door een stroomstoring is de Rem Koolhaas Videobusstop tijdelijk buiten gebruik Due to power failure the Rem Koolhaas Video Bus Stop is temporarily out of use

Rafaël Rozendaal

Rafaël Rozendaal – Interactive Pieces June 17 – October 17, 2017 Discover the interactive art by Rafaël Rozendaal 24/7/365 at eMMa. Rafaël Rozendaal is a Dutch-Brasilian visual artist who uses the internet as his canvas. His artistic practice consists of websites, installations, lenticulars, writings and lectures. Spread out over a vast network of domain names, he attracts a large online […]

Bente Westerhuis

Untitled Animations,Bente Westerhuis24/7/365 on show from October 1, 2015 @ eMMa in the Rem Koolhaas Videobusstop In 2014 Bente Westerhuis graduated from ABK Minerva and that year she was the winner of the encouragement award for design. The almost lethargic anti-hero and everyday pursuits are central subjects in the animations of Bente Westerhuis. The banal simplicity in her […]

Summer break

July 11 until August 23 update: bur0 Gr0ningen is closed until the beginning of September This Summer the locations bur0 Gr0ningen and M0Bi are closed. During this period NP3 is preparing the program for 2014/2015. Location eMMa is open as always 24/7/365!

Alex Myers – Nothing of This is Ours

  ALEX MYERS – NOTHING OF THIS IS OURS Exhibition: May 14 until June 14, 2014 Location: M0Bi and eMMa  – Surreal Worlds of Alex Myers – Especially for the NP3 locations M0Bi and eMMa, the American artist and game developer Alex Myers developed two new art games. NP3 met Alex during his master’s study […]

Alex Myers – HICCUP + Eat All the Things

  NP3 invited Alex to develop new interactive games especially for eMMa, experimental Multi Media art in public space. Play the interactive games HICCUP and Eat All the Things now at the Rem Koolhaas Videobusstop at Emmaplein in Groningen!


NP3 is a plateau that differs drastically in profile, content and innovation. From the surface to a deeper field in search of more elementary, dynamic and multidimensional urgencies. Presented in three non-linear layers on three different locations in the city center of Groningen: bur0 Gr0ningen bur0 Gr0ningen is the white cube art space of NP3. […]


Po-e-Matic is the first interactive poem generator of the Netherlands and is developed by Stefan Nieuwenhuis in collaboration with Vincent Bruijn Location: NP3.npeg (eMMa) 24/7/365 Visitors can create their own unique poem through making choices and typing in words. This result is sent to the website of Po-e-Matic, where the poem is read. Po-e-Matic is the […]