RE:trospectiveRE:Sumatic 13 December 2022 Workshop 17 MiN of Famean interactive experimentWorkshop: 15.00 – 17.30 hrs.Closed Exhibition and opening: Tuesday 13 December 17.30 – 18.00 hrs.Locations: Lorentz Center Leiden, NP3 | RE:Search:Gallery, Groningen and online Participants: Alex Rushforth, Annemijn Algra, Björn Hammarfelt, Catelijne Coopmans, Julian Hamann, Liz Simmonds, Markus Hoffmann, Michaela Strinzel, Mollie Etheridge, Paul Wouters, Rodrigo Costas Comesana, Sarah de […]


Botanicals, drinks, art & music  SYMBIONTSMIDSUMMER NIGHTJUNGLE FIËSTAThursday June 23, 21.00 hrs.Free entrance NP3 concludes the SYMBIONTS research trajectory with a sultry midsummer night party. Filmmaker Elsbeth van Noppen treats you to a botanical VJ-performance filled with glowing foliage, textures that play on light and shadow, and intensely sweet aromas. Artist Daan Samson serves tropical electro to celebrate the shortest […]