Ra’fat Ali

Finissage second LABitat Residency

Location: NP3 | RE:Search:Gallery, Hofstraat 21, Groningen 
Date: Saturday, May 25, 17.00 – 19.00 hrs.

Free entrance

Ra’fat Ali is a multimedia artist who’s artistic practice centres on the intricacies of hybrid identity. Within the LABitat programme Ra’fat explores different approaches of an ongoing research project. During his second LABitat residency at NP3 | RE:Search:Gallery, he is developing a set of installations that focuses on the relationship between identity and memory.

For his final presentation, visitors are invited to interact with the installations, as well as to take part in a script writing workshop where together with Ra’fat we will explore the versatility of imaginary writing.

Ra’fat engages with various technological forms in both digital and analogue platforms. Understanding their functions unveils the intricate methods humans employ to process information, ideas, and emotions, ultimately influencing the construction of ideologies, political structures, and social systems. Simultaneously, his work aims to illuminate the intersection of technology and human senses, transcending the conventional perception of technology as a mere tool or medium. The outcome is a fusion of creativity, whether expressed through lines of poetry or a sequence of codes, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between humanity and technology. Through his art, Ra’fat seeks to challenge preconceptions, provoke thought, and prompt a reconsideration of the dynamic interplay between humans and the technological world.