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Interspecific Pluck

Interspecific Pluck, live performance by Cleo Veldman and Reon Cordova@Display, the window exhibition space of the RE:Search:Gallery Live, Tuesday April 20, 2021  @facebook 19.00 hrs.  @instagram 20.00 hrs. The three characters ‘Pluck’, ‘D’ and ‘Masked Media’ are performing in ‘Interspecif Pluck’ a performance by artists Cleo Veldman and Reon Cordova. ‘Pluck’ and ‘D’ explore how they can find the tools […]

Tales of the Unseen ME#5

– Graduation Show Frank Mohr Institute– Tales of the Unseen – Master Edition #5– RE:Search:Gallery Groningen– December 9 – 12 , 2020– opening hours: wed – sat 12.00 -17.00 Sara Omlor Lan-Hsin Tu Sheng Jie CLICK FOR TICKETS/TIMESLOTS Before visit check our Covid-19 protocol (face mask required) Registration required:online eventbrite: Register for Tales of the Unseen Master Edition #5 Or call during […]